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Priorij Corsendonk - Oud-Turnhout
Corsendonk Duinse Polders - Blankenberge

About Corsendonk Hotels & Clubs

Corsendonk Hotels & Clubs consists of 2 hotels and 3 clubs. In our hotels and clubs, you can enjoy a lovely vacation or short break. You can find us in the Campine, at the Belgian Coast and in the Ardennes. You can choose between three different locations in the Campine: a monastery, the city-centre or a picturesque village. Corsendonk’s Hotels & Clubs are child-friendly and they are situated on quiet and green locations.

We offer our guests more than 70 packages spread over our 5 locations.
A midweek with family? Or a short break full of culture and nature? Looking for a gastronomic weekend?
Corsendonk Hotels & Clubs has something to offer for everyone.