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dining in the restaurants of chef Alex Verhoeven

Corsendonk Turnova has a partnership with Chef Alex Verhoeven’s restaurants, all a short walk from the hotel. Discover different restaurants below.

Restaurant ‘Hert’

Turnova is the brand new district of Turnhout, where our hotel is also located. Restaurant Hert is a very short walk from hotel Corsendonk Turnova. Hert is located on the top floor of the brand new Turnova tower, on the 18th floor with stunning views of the city and the green region around it.

Led by chef Alex Verhoeven, the team brings pure cuisine with respect for nature and the environment. The open kitchen stands for transparency and interaction between chefs and guests.

Brasserie ‘De Koeiketel’

Alex Verhoeven opened De Koeiketel across the ‘Grote Markt’ in Turnhout.

De Koeiketel is a brasserie that combines classics from the past with techniques from the present. They bring a kitchen with respect for product and preparation at an accessible price.

Chef Alex Verhoeven

Alex Verhoeven started his career in the kitchen of Hof van Cleve. Afterwards he opened ‘Fleur de Sel’ in Kasterlee. With a 15/20 from Gault & Millau, he earned his place in Belgian gastronomy. He closed ‘Fleur de Sel’ to fully focus on his new restaurant ‘Hert’.

In addition to ‘Hert’, Alex has two other projects: restaurant ‘Seir’ in Kasterlee and ‘de Koeiketel’ in Turnhout.

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