Corsendonk De Linde – What to do

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  • Guided bicycle tours with a regional expert
  • Cycle nodes 92 and 7 run through the terrain: ideal to start your cycling trip!
  • Personally designed cycling routes through / with our streeker + tips for lunch places and cafes
  • Unique culinary cycle route: three stopovers with a nice break in starter, main course and dessert
  • Bicycle rental possible at the reception: ordinary and electric bikes
  • Electric charging point and personal bicycle parking
  • Info brochure with routes from two beautiful walking locations
  • Outlined walking loops
  • Guided walks with local experts!
  • Nature reserve De Liereman and Prinsenpark nearby
extensive range for children

Both on the premises of De Linde and in the vicinity there are several fun activities to experience the perfect day with children. Scroll down to discover them!

escape room

On the domain of the Linde you will find Escape Belgium. An escape room is an interactive game where you as a team are locked up in a room. You must try to escape with your team by solving puzzles and searching for clues. You will be given one hour for this. During the 60 minutes that you are locked in, you discover the story of Elisabeth Bathory, known as the coldest female serial killer of all time.


Also on the domain of De Linde itself you do not have to be bored.


De Linde has various fun games for inside and outside.


Tip: bring your own tennis gear.

Bouncing Castle

During family weekends and parties, children can have fun on the bouncy castle.

Petanque Corsendonk De Linde
Height trail
kids corner
mini golf

The Prinsenpark is a beautiful 215 ha domain in the Antwerp Kempen where you will immediately feel at home. It is a green oasis with forests, meadows and water features.


A beautiful nature reserve with forests, heath, grasslands, sand dunes and fens.


On the territory of Dessel, near Sas4, three canals cross: unique in Europe. The tower is 37 meters high and gives a magnificent view. It counts 217 steps and is easy to enter.

bicycle rental
Huurfietsen van Corsendonk De Linde

Did you know that you can rent bicycles at Corsendonk De Linde? Please book in advance.

Landscape walk

The landscape walk consists of different loops ranging from about 5 km to 16.5 km. You can start at Corsendonk De Linde.  You will discover, among other things, a spur of the Kempen Ridge, with its sand dunes and pine trees, the winding Nete and open plains.

walk through the village

Retie is a core village. Surrounded by its many hamlets (Looiend, Pontfort, Geenend, Hodonk, Bosend, Duinberg, Watermolen, Brand, Werbeek) and the district of Schoonbroek, the market is the central point where the main traffic routes intersect. The village walk starts at De Linde.

Talander walk

The Talander walk is 11 km long and a shortened version is 5.5 kilometers long and follows the junction signs of walking network Kempens Landgoed. The entire walk is on unpaved terrain, in quiet area and very beautiful. In 2014, the Talander walk was therefore chosen as a walk of the year.

‘Farmers along the canal’ walk

You cross a unique reclamation landscape with alternating hay meadows, fields and streams. The distance of the total route is 8.9 km. The walk follows the nodes of the ‘Kempense Heuvelrug’ network. This walk is nominated for ‘walk of the year 2018’.

Corsendonk Cycle route
fiets- of wandelarrangement

The Corsendonk route is a bike ride of 46 km and passes meadows, forests, hamlets, monuments, a few residential areas and above all a lot of green.

Prinsen cycle Route
Fiets door de vlakke Kempen

The Prinsenroute is a distance of 43.5 km. You cycle through Retie, Geel, Kasterlee and Oud-Turnhout. The route passes past the Prinsenpark and Corsendonk De Linde.

Vaarketsers cycle route

The Vaartketsersroute is a pleasant bike ride of 45 km. Channels and white-sand mining are prominent. This route passes De Linde.

Around the Abbey Postel cycle route

With this route (55.7 km) you explore the area between the canal Herentals – Bocholt and the Dutch border. This route will of course pass the Abbey of Postel and Corsendonk De Linde.


Less mobile? Then you can also enjoy the cycling nodes network. An accessible cycle route departs from De Linde.


A forest with sand dunes and aerial roots where gnome signs show you the way. Here children can climb to their heart’s content, crawl and play in the sand.

Hekselien Trail

The Hekselien trail is an adventurous walk of about 2.5 km to do together with young children.

Pagadder trail

The Pagadder path (2.5 km) is a super nice walk where children can romp to their heart’s content and get dirty.

Pram friendly walks

In Retie there are several walks that are suitable for prams: the village walk, the St. Job Walk and the Prinsenpark also has a number of hiking trails that are almost all accessible.


A forest with sand dunes and aerial roots where gnome signs show you the way. Here children can climb to their heart’s content, crawl and play in the sand.

Children’s Quest Priorij Corsendonk

Together with Monnik Joannes, children search on the premises of Priorij Corsendonk. Along the way they learn all about the history of the Priory. Near the Priory you can eat ice cream right from the farm.

Indoor playground kinderstad

Kleuterstad Turnhout is a unique indoor indoor playground where only small children up to MAXIMUM 7 years are allowed. The whole playground is especially aimed at receiving kindergarten children.

Goat cheese Polle

In this goat farm you can taste delicious goat milk products.

pancake boat

On the pancake boat you can taste more than 285 pancakes.


In tavern Netherust you can play minigolf, snooker golf, kayaking on the Nete, play in the playground or just enjoy a drink and a snack.

Indoor playground Calimero

In Calimero in Retie up to 50 children from 0 to 12 years can enjoy themselves in a real indoor playground. They can climb over obstacles, clamber along climbing ropes, glide along a pole and swim in the ball pool.

Kayak at the water mill of Retie
Spa all-in activiteit

On the Witte Nete is a picturesque grain mill from the 14th century. From here you can sail the Nete with a Kayak.


This exciting theme park has more than 50 attractions and is not called the ‘most pleasant country’ for nothing.


Swimming, playing, exercising, walking, fishing and so much more, you can do it all at the Zilvermeer!


Here you will discover the subtropical swimming world. Water fun is central: wave pool, water slides, children’s pools are just a few of the attractions.

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