Antilliaanse feesten package 2022

Stay the night at Corsendonk Viane during the Antilliaanse feesten

The Antilliaanse feesten will continue on Thursday, August 11 and Saturday, August 13.


Corsendonk Viane makes it even easier this year to enjoy the Antilliaanse feesten in combination with an overnight stay in a hip hotel. Get on our special shuttle bus in front of the hotel and be transported directly to the Antilliaanse feesten.

Book one of the advantageous packages with overnight stay(s) and breakfast

The shuttle bus runs back and forth at various times

Corsendonk Viane is half an hour's drive from the festival site

Corsendonk Viane is located in the center of Turnhout and is therefore easy to reach by public transport

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Shuttle service

Corsendonk Viane provides several shuttle buses to bring our festivalgoers to the site. You can indicate during your reservation whether you want to make use of our shuttle service.

On Thursday: 11/08/2022

Outbound: times still unknown
Return: times still unknown


On Friday: 12/08/2022

Outbound: 18u30 / 20u00 / 21u30
Return: 02u00 / 3u30 / 5u00


On Saturday: 13/08/2022

Outbound: 18u30 / 20u00 / 21u30
Return: 02u00 / 3u30 / 5u00


Attention: You pay 10,50 euros per person, per ride. The outward and return trips are two separate rides.

Corsendonk Viane

Hotel Viane is a 3 star hotel is situated in the heart of Turnhout. The hotel was recently renovated and transformed into a hip city hotel. Discover our hotel rooms.

Free parking

Free WiFi

Within walking distance of public transport


Package 2 nights

  • Two nights including breakfast
  •  City taks included
Room type Price per room Price per person
Deluxe 1-person room € 224,00 € 224,00
Deluxe 2-persons room € 264,00 € 132,00
Deluxe 3-persons room € 334,00 € 111,33
Executive 1-person room € 244,00 € 244,00
Executive 2-persons room € 284,00 € 142,00
Executive 3-persons room € 354,00 € 118,00
Executive 4-persons room € 424,00 € 106,00
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Package 3 nights

  • Three nights including breakfast
  • City taks included
Room type Price per room Price per person
Deluxe 1-person room € 321,00 € 321,00
Deluxe 2-persons room € 381,00 € 190,50
Deluxe 3-persons room € 486,00 € 162,00
Executive 1-person room € 351,00 € 351,00
Executive 2-persons room € 411,00 € 205,50
Executive 3-persons room € 516,00 € 172,00
Executive 4-persons room € 621,00 € 155,25
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