3-day Gastronomic hiking package through the Kempen with luggage transport

3-day Gastronomic hiking package through the Kempen with luggage transport

luchtfoto Priorij Corsendonk


You arrive in Priorij Corsendonk where you spend the first night. You can leave your car safely for the rest of the weekend. Whether you arrive late or early is your own choice. Would you like to do something active already? The nature in the surroundings of Corsendonk is perfect for walking. A few kilometers from Priory Corsendonk you can go hiking in the beautiful nature reserves ‘De Tikkebroeken’ or ‘De Liereman‘.

In the evening we invite you in one of our beautiful dining rooms for a delicious 3-course gourmet dinner from the chef, excluding drinks

Natuur rond Tikkebroeken: fietsen in de Kempen


After a delicious breakfast in Priorij Corsendonk you walk to Corsendonk Hooge Heyde. Your baggage transport is provided by us. The second day you make a nice walk of 15 km. You will pass fields, forests, and small hamlets. Later you pass the village of Kasterlee where you can have a break.

The second evening you dine and stay in Corsendonk Hooge Heyde, where you will be served a gastronomic 3-course dinner from the chef, excluding drinks.


Day 3 starts with a large breakfast buffet with bubbles in Hooge Heyde. The third day you walk back to Priorij Corsendonk via another route where you can return home with your car. You take a walk of 16 km and while you walk we bring your bags back. You pass the nature reserve the Hoge Rielen, the Tikkebroeken and lots of meadows, forests and farms

Price per person: € 199, –
Price excluding tourist tax
Price single: € 268, –


  • Arrival days possible from Sunday t.e.m. Thursday.
  • Package not valid arrival on Friday and Saturday.
  • On Monday and Wednesday you arrive in Priorij Corsendonk where you will stay the first day, the next day you will stay in Corsendonk Hooge Heyde.
  • On Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday the arrangement works the other way around and you arrive in Corsendonk Hooge Heyde where you stay the first day, the next day you stay in Priorij Corsendonk. The hiking routes are of course the same.



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