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Our team

Bieke Buyens
Sales & Marketing
Sandra Hofmans
Jan-Felix Nédée
Tom Dresselaers
Dominique Nédée
Managing Director
Lesley Rogmans
Corsendonk Viane
Jeske Nijs
Priorij Corsendonk
Angelique Van Hecke
Sol Cress
Miriam De Waele
Duinse Polders
Sabrina Bevers
Corsendonk De Linde
Els Lodewyckx
Corsendonk Hooge Heyde
Ann-Sophie Deryckere
Assistent – coördinatrice
Corsendonk Duinse Polders

About Corsendonk Hotels & Clubs

Corsendonk Hotels & Clubs consists of 2 hotels and 3 clubs. In our hotels and clubs, you can enjoy a lovely vacation or short break. You can find us in the Campine, at the Belgian Coast and in the Ardennes. You can choose between three different locations in the Campine: a monastery, the city-centre or a picturesque village. Corsendonk’s Hotels & Clubs are child-friendly and they are situated on quiet and green locations.

We offer our guests more than 70 packages spread over our 5 locations.
A midweek with family? Or a short break full of culture and nature? Looking for a gastronomic weekend?
Corsendonk Hotels & Clubs has something to offer for everyone.